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Hadi Pro Smart Lock (Indoor)

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The Hadi Pro Indoor Handle Smart Lock is a high-tech door lock for safeguarding access into your indoor personal spaces. It comes fitted with a front camera to view who is at your door and 8 batteries in total for powerful and much longer use. It also has an external emergency charging port.

Open your door using your fingerprint or create secure double encrypted passcodes to protect your door. Family members can have their own fingerprints and passcodes registered and their individual names can be attached to them. You can also create and share temporary onetime or time bound passcodes with guests or staff. Unlock for someone at your door with your phone effortlessly from your couch, bedroom or office. Check the logs of who opened your door, when the door was opened, and your smart lock battery level.

The 8 alkaline batteries need only be replaced once in 12 months for uninterrupted use. If ever in a hitch, like forgetting to replace low batteries or you returning from a long trip to a battery-drained smart lock, you can use the emergency manual key to open your door. Or you can immediately wake the lock up with a power bank from the outside, before going in to replace the batteries.


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