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The GX550 Smart Lock (Indoor & Outdoor)


Order Now and redefine your standard of luxury living. Your exquisite home deserves nothing less than the best.”



  • 3D Facial Recognition Unlock 
  • Fingerprint Unlock
  • Remote Unlock
  • Passcode Unlock
  • RFID Card Unlock
  • Mobile App Unlock
  • Temporary Code Unlock 
  • Manual Key Unlock
  • HD Front Panel Camera
  • HD Back Panel Display
  • PIR Motion Sensor 
  • Video Call
  • Real-time Active View
  • Operation Records
  • Memory Card Support
  • Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Power Bank Support
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • IP67 Rating


Elevate Your Entryway: The Ultimate Patobe GX550 Smart Door Lock

Introducing The GX550: Where Security Meets Sophistication!

Welcome to the future of home security— The GX550 Smart Lock, the pinnacle of luxury smart locks tailored for the discernible and affluent. Inspired by the unmatched refinement and advanced technology of the 2024 Lexus GX550 SUV, this premium smart door lock redefines what it means to protect your home with style.

Unparalleled Design and Aesthetics!

Available in Chrome-Silver, Red-Gold, Deep-Black, and the ultra-exquisite Matte-Gray, The GX550 Smart Lock is crafted to complement the most elegant exteriors and interiors. Just as the Lexus GX550’s bold presence commands attention on the road, The GX550 Smart Lock stands as a statement piece for your home’s entrance.


Sleek and Stylish: With a minimalist design that still radiates sophistication, The GX550 Smart Lock transforms your door into a symbol of excellence. Each color option offers a distinct touch of elegance, ensuring your home exudes a sense of modern, luxurious living.

Cutting-Edge Features that Elevate Security!

Drawing inspiration from the Lexus GX550’s innovative technology, The GX550 Smart Lock incorporates advanced features that make it one of the best smart locks in the world!!!

  • Video Call Integration & Two-Way Audio:

   Experience unparalleled convenience with a built-in camera and two-way audio system. Much like the Lexus GX550’s state-of-the-art communication interface, you can see and speak to visitors in real time, whether you’re in the lounge or across the globe.

  • Temporary Code Management:

   Managing entry has never been so effortless. Create and delete temporary entry codes remotely, ensuring only the right people have access at the right times. Protect your sanctuary with the same precision and control you expect from the Lexus GX550’s security system.

  • Powerful and Futuristic:

   The GX550 Smart Lock is engineered with robust security algorithms, fortified encryption, and seamless connectivity, just as Lexus integrates cutting-edge advancements in their vehicles. Effortlessly navigate through a secure and intuitive interface designed for the future.


Why Choose The GX550 Smart Lock?!

– Innovation at its Finest: Just as the Lexus GX550 is synonymous with cutting-edge automotive technology, The GX550 Smart Lock represents the current peak of smart lock innovation. Benefit from features that push the boundaries of modern security.

– Sophisticated Simplicity: Embrace an entry system that is both powerful and elegantly simple. The GX550 Smart Lock merges sophistication with user-friendly design, much like how the Lexus GX550 epitomizes driving luxury.

– Exclusive Appeal; For those who demand the best, the Patobe GX550 Smart Lock stands ready to transform your home’s security with the same exclusivity and exquisiteness as owning a Lexus GX550.

Join the Elite Circle!

Step into a world where your home security mirrors the unparalleled elegance of the Lexus GX550. Equip your home with the Patobe GX550 and experience a fusion of advanced technology, superior design, and unrivaled luxury.

Secure Your Home—The Patobe GX550 Way!

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