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Pool Automation


Straight out of the movies, you too can enjoy a unique and exhilarating automated responsive experience every time you go in for a swim.



Dive into Ultimate Relaxation with Pool Automation in Nigeria

Experience poolside luxury and convenience with our Pool Automation in Nigeria. From effortless water maintenance to intuitive controls, our innovative technology ensures your swimming oasis is always ready for a splash tailored for the Nigerian lifestyle.

Key features include

  • Automated Water Chemistry Control: Bid farewell to complicated pool chemistry management. Our Pool Automation system automatically balances water parameters, keeping your pool crystal clear without the hassle.
  • Smart Temperature Regulation: Enjoy the perfect swim with intelligent temperature control every time. Set your preferred water temperature remotely and ensure a refreshing dip awaits, whether you’re at home or away.
  • Effortless Cleaning and Filtration: Keep your pool pristine with automated cleaning and filtration. Schedule routine maintenance tasks, and let our system take care of debris, leaves, and other impurities, leaving you more time to relax.
  • Energy-efficient Pump Control: Optimize energy consumption with our smart pump control. Our Pool Automation system adapts to your usage patterns, ensuring efficient water circulation without unnecessary power consumption.
  • Customizable Lighting Ambiance: Set the mood for poolside gatherings with customizable lighting features. Transform your pool into a captivating oasis with a spectrum of colors and lighting effects, all easily controlled through our intuitive interface.
  • Safety and Security Features: Prioritize safety with built-in security features. Receive alerts for unexpected pool activity, ensuring a secure environment for your loved ones.
  • Remote Access and Monitoring: Stay connected to your pool from anywhere with our dedicated mobile app. Monitor water conditions, adjust settings, and ensure your pool is always top-notch, even on the go.

Why Choose Our Pool Automation Solutions?

  • Effortless Maintenance: Thanks to automated cleaning and water chemistry control, enjoy a sparkling clean pool without manual effort.
  • Energy Efficiency: Optimize energy usage with smart pump control, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective pool operation.
  • Tailored for Nigeria: Our solutions address Nigerian pool owners’ specific needs, bringing practicality and luxury to your poolside retreat.

You can also relieve the stress involved in power generation for your home and office with our Generator Automation in Nigeria.

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